We are so happy you are here. We founded Garden Your Home to help families and individuals to live economical, sustainable, environment friendly, and healthy lifestyle for the long haul at the comforts of their own home. Garden Your Home will provide you information in gardening your home from soil based to soil less and provide you solutions to do it yourself.window sill garden

Why Garden Your Home?

If you are living in the city or any urbanized area, you might find it difficult to get fresh fruits and vegetables on your plate. With reasons like it costs too much, not in season, too lazy to go shopping, too tired to go shopping or whatever reason you may think of.

However, you are probably here because you want to live healthier eating more fruits and vegetables or maybe even make your own food tastier with herbs.

What you will need for your healthier and sustainable lifestyle can be planted at home. If done right and planned out, you might never have to go shopping for those items again saving you money all year round and in any weather condition.

Why we fresh fruits want to help you Garden?

Being informed and knowledgeable is incredibly important whenever growing your own plants indoors or outdoors.

Creating the perfect atmosphere and grow space is usually incredibly difficult since there are so many factors involved. Calculating the room size, airflow, providing water systems, temperature, humidity, purification, nutrient balance, pH levels, trying to find properly air-cooled lighting, cross air ventilation, a great optimal hydroponics system, getting it to be fully automatic, properly air-filtered, light restricted, secure, etc etc…

However, it does not have to be complicated if you have the right place to go to get the information you need and the equipment and items needed to start growing today.
You can start tiny with a desk or window sill plant system and go to medium sized (or whatever fits inside your house or in your outside space).

You will know exactly what you are eating because you will be planting it. No need to worry of unwanted fertilizer chemicals in your food if you do not want those in you food. The initial cost for certain gardening systems may be more but in the long wrong run you will “sow” the cost of the produce.

Our Goal for the World is Local

Although we are focusing on your household needs for greens. Our bigger goal is to get those surplus produce into your local community.

Why? Because we believe sharing is caring and you should profit from what you grow to really keep it a sustainable venture economically. Also providing for your local community can help your area eat healthier if you have pesticide-free and fertilizer-free products. And if you don’t wrap them in plastics or use plastic bags that is even better.

Also consider that you providing your produce to your local community can save fuel cost compared to the items imported or transported from other areas.

Our other goal is to help the environment by recycling and proper waste management. Did you know you can use your organic kitchen waste and earth worms to compost? You can use this to fertilize what you grow. By the way you can also sell the worms for 1 cent to 50 cents to other gardeners and fishers.

hydroponic vegetable

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,